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Millane Fernandez was born in Jakarta but spent her youth in Germany where she started her career as the youngest pop star at that time. She became involved in the pop scene at an early age and struck her first record deal at the age of 14. Her first single, "Boom Boom,"  was produced by Dieter Bohlen and performed at Eurovision to a live audience of 38,000 people and broadcast to millions worldwide. Later she went on to performing at major events like The Dome, Top of the Pops, TV-Total, VIVA Comet, Interaktiv and many more. 

As her career grew, she went on to become one of Germany’s biggest young pop stars. She continued her career in Indonesia performing throughout the country in a multitude of events. By age 27, she became Coca-Cola’s ambassador representing Asia and singing the 2014 Brazil World Cup Anthem. 

- Musical Education : Hamburg Music Academy and the On Stage School of Performing Arts 

- Signed with Sony BMG by the aged of 14 after winning a big contest 

- Produced by Dieter Bohlen 

- Her first performance was at Grand Prix D’eurovision

- The Dome Europe,Top of the Pop show

- Toured around Europe 

- Played in several theater and musicals

- MTV VJ Indonesia 

- Signed with Aquarius record Indonesia 

- Sang at the world economic Forum in Davos 

- Coca-Cola ambassador singing the World Cup anthem representing Asia 

- Second at "New Wave" singer/ songwriter world competition in Russia

- Rising Star Judge